About void Fox();

void Fox(); (or Voidfox or Void Fox) is the website you're looking at. It's the personal software distribution platform, blog site, and random file dump of Trysdyn Black and will play home to their offerings in software development, writing, blogging, speedrun routing, and whatever other projects that tickle their fancy.

void Fox(); is powered by a pile of self-authored Python code that takes a directory tree of markdown files and turns it into a website. No off the shelf static generation engine like Jekyll; those are fine but they wanted more control and less cruft.

About Trysdyn

Trysdyn is retro gamer, Python and Golang coder, cautiously critical lover of tech and FOSS, pagan, otherkin, and IT/software professional who currently resides in the Pacific Northwest. They were born in the mid-80s in a chunk of swampy Southwest Florida as far away from civilization as possible and dropped out of college half way through pursuing a double major in Computer Science and Education to move across the US to take a starter position in the tech industry.

Trysdyn has been employed in the tech industry their entire adult life, starting with a slew of desktop support and tier 1 NOC jobs before moving up into system adminstration and eventually software engineering. They are currently employed as a Site Reliability Engineer managing system deployment and configuration automation. In their spare time they're a Python developer and all around gamer with a focus on retro games from the 8 and 16 bit eras, exploring jank and kusoge titles, and playing CRPGs and dungeon crawlers.

Trysdyn uses they/them pronouns and identifies fairly strongly with foxes and kitsunes, hence the site name. Of particular interest to them is spirituality, western occultism, paganism, and obscure mysticism. They also have one toe in the furry fandom, but not all that much involvement therein.

Technical Competencies