About void Fox();

void Fox(); (or Voidfox or Void Fox) is the website you're looking at. It's the personal software distribution platform, blog site, and random file dump of Trysdyn Black and will play home to their offerings in software development, writing, blogging, speedrun routing, and whatever other projects that tickle their fancy.

void Fox(); is powered by the complexity Python library and a pile of self-authored Python code for the blog and game lists. Parts of it are viewable on the void Fox(); gitea instance.

About Trysdyn

Trysdyn is retro gamer, Python coder, technophile, pagan, otherkin, and IT professional who currently resides in Silicon Valley, California. They were born in the mid-80s in a chunk of swampy Southwest Florida as far away from civilization as possible and dropped out of college half way through pursuing a double major in Computer Science and Education to move across the US to take a starter position in the tech industry.

Trysdyn is currently employed as a Site Reliability Engineer in a small startup company and spends most of their time there managing deployment and system management automation for a large production server cluster. In their spare time they're a Python developer and all around gamer with a focus on speedrunning retro games from the 8 and 16 bit eras, and playing CRPGs and dungeon crawlers.

Personally speaking, Trysdyn identifies as asexual and agendered and prefers neutral pronouns such as "they". Spiritually they're a pagan with a lot of ritual rooted in Western Occultism and Shamanism. They're also lightly involved in the furry fandom where they pretend to be a kitsune on the internet (hence the site name).

More info on Trysdyn and where they stream gaming, post videos, and more can be found in the Contact section in the navbar above.

Technical Competencies