Final Fantasy VI: Go Go Gogo

A vanilla run that requires using Gogo solo once acquired

Gogo is a strange loner who, even after joining Terra and the others, refuses to work with them directly, instead choosing to do things his own way.

Once you can acquire Gogo, you must do so. From then on, you must use Gogo solo to perform major game plot related tasks and explore new areas. You may use an alternate party to gather techs for Gogo, but they may only enter an area after Gogo has fully cleared it of all forced fights and items, and Gogo can never join a party with any other character, so he cannot assist the others.

In multiple party situations, Gogo must be solo in his own party and must be the one to engage and strike the finishing blow on all major bosses.

Seed URL

Use this direct URL to get the exact same results in the future; for racing or coming back to check on your progress:

Or you can manually specify a seed here