Final Fantasy VI: The List

You are given a list of party members and must use the ones highest on that list

Below is a list of party members ranked 1 through 14. Any time you are asked to create a party, you must use the highest available characters on that list.

Additionally, once you begin reforming the party during World of Ruin, you must regain these members in order (regaining a member out of order is permitted if required to get the next character on your list). You may stop at any time but cannot use any character below the point you stop.

In multi-party situations party #1 must be slots 1 through 4, party #2 must be 5 through 8, etc.

Party Member Priority List

  1. Edgar
  2. Cyan
  3. Strago
  4. Terra
  5. Celes
  6. Gau
  7. Relm
  8. Locke
  9. Shadow
  10. Mog
  11. Gogo
  12. Setzer
  13. Umaro
  14. Sabin

Seed URL

Use this direct URL to get the exact same results in the future; for racing or coming back to check on your progress:

Or you can manually specify a seed here