Deprecation Notice

Retro Bravery has been sunset. Hopefully this isn't too much of a disappointment to you.

Retro Bravery was a silly toy I produced almost a decade ago now. It started as a bespoke little roller for Final Fantasy V: Four Job Fiesta runs so a single friend of mine could play without using Twitter. For funsies I added a bunch of other challenge rollers but it was never really a big project I put time into.

Then the 4JF community heard of it and started using it. Cool!

It was written in Python 2.4, using WSGI built into Apache httpd. It was the first web app I ever wrote and is a horrific ball of spaghetti code printing HTML to STDOUT. At some point I updated my toolchain to use Python 3.x and Caddy and did the bare minimum to get it working again. It's a creaking mess that probably has security holes and at least one remote crash bug I'm aware of.

Over the past years its almost exclusive (98% of actual runs generated by non-bots) use has been the 4JF roller. Then a couple of months ago, the 4JF folks provided an official way to roll your own off-season 4JF runs. The official roller uses new rulesets but more or less encompasses the entire feature set of Retro Bravery's roller.

So because my roller is a giant mess and because I want to send as many eyeballs as possible to 4JF-official, I've shut down Retro Bravery.

I've never spoken to RevenantKioku, the person in charge of 4JF, but everything I've seen leads me to believe they're a pretty cool person and 4JF is a charity event doing actual good for the world. So really, this is an easy decision.

For the other stuff: I'm under the impression people didn't really use it. If I'm wrong, feel free to let me know.

This page will remain here pretty much in perpetuity. Thanks for using the silly little widget I cobbled together when I was a teenager. Thanks for the feedback and kind words, those of you who sent it. In a way I'm sort of gratified that I provided some fun for people over the past few years.