Herein is a crappy listing of my games backlog, what I'm currently chewing on, and an (more or less) exhaustive list of the games I've beaten through my lifetime. Honestly this mainly exists because I was keeping the list in two places: Backloggery and a local list, since Backloggery has no kind of API access or export function and I wanted to keep the list if Backloggery died. So I figured why not just fold them together on my site?

Completion is fairly arbitrary and is defined as "I got some form of ending/credits that didn't obviously imply I had more to do in the plot, looped, hit the high score, or some other goal after which no other goal but 'Do it again but harder' existed".

Rating is also very arbitrary and is based on how I felt about the game at the time I was entering it into my completion list. As a general rule, 3 is "decent", 4 is "good", and 5 is "great". There's a lot of 5's because I'm a pretty kind reviewer.

A second list of games I want to eventually beat but have no plan to do right away can be found here.

In Progress Games

NamePlatform% Complete
Kyuuyaku Megami TenseiSuper Nintendo50%
Unchained BladesNintendo 3DS20%

Pending Games

Bravely DefaultNintendo 3DS
Etrian Odyssey UntoldNintendo 3DS
Etrian Odyssey VNintendo 3DS
Final Fantasy VIISony Playstation
Geneforge 2Windows
Pokemon Leaf GreenNintendo GameBoy Advance
Towers II: Plight of the StargazerNintendo GameBoy

Completed Games

2102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the RescueNintendo GameBoy5
4A Valley Without WindWindows5
5A Valley Without Wind 2Windows3
6Aa Yakyuu Jinsei IcchokusenNintendo Entertainment System3
7Action HenkWindows4
8Adventure IslandNintendo Entertainment System2
9Adventures of LoloNintendo Entertainment System2
10Air FortressNintendo Entertainment System2
11Alien SoldierSega Genesis / MegaDrive4
12Alien SwarmWindows3
13Alpha MissionNintendo Entertainment System2
15AmagonNintendo Entertainment System3
16Ancient Magic: Bazoe! Mahou SekaiSuper Nintendo1
17Anno 2070Windows4
18ArcanaSuper Nintendo5
20Arkista's RingNintendo Entertainment System3
21ArmadilloNintendo Entertainment System3
22Asmik-Kun LandNintendo Entertainment System4
23AstyanaxNintendo Entertainment System2
24Axiom VergeWindows5
25Back to the FutureNintendo Entertainment System1
26Bahamut LagoonSuper Nintendo4
27Banana PrinceNintendo Entertainment System4
28Banishing RacerNintendo GameBoy3
29Bao Qing TianNintendo Entertainment System1
30Battle ClashSuper Nintendo2
31Beauty and the BeastNintendo Entertainment System3
32Before the EchoWindows3
33Binding of IsaacWindows3
34Binding of Isaac: RebirthWindows4
36Blue BlinkTurboGrafx-16 / PC Engine5
38Borderlands 2Windows5
39Borderlands: The Pre-SequelWindows3
40Brain LordSuper Nintendo3
41BrandishSuper Nintendo5
42Breath of Death VIIWindows3
43Breath of FireSuper Nintendo3
44Breath of Fire IISuper Nintendo2
45Breath of Fire IIISony Playstation4
46Breath of Fire IVSony Playstation5
47Breath of Fire: Dragon QuarterSony Playstation 24
48Buzz & WaldogSega Master System3
49Caesars PalaceNintendo Entertainment System2
50Captain SilverArcade2
51Cartoon Network - Block PartyNintendo GameBoy Advance1
52Castelo Ra-Tim-BumSega Master System1
53Castle CrashersWindows4
54Castle of Illusion: Starring Mickey MouseSega Genesis / MegaDrive3
55CastlevaniaNintendo Entertainment System4
56Castlevania II: Simon's QuestNintendo Entertainment System2
57Castlevania: Aria of SorrowNintendo GameBoy Advance5
58Castlevania: Circle of the MoonNintendo GameBoy Advance4
59Castlevania: Harmony of DissonaceNintendo GameBoy Advance3
60Castlevania: Symphony of the NightSony Playstation5
61Cave StoryWindows5
62Chaos SeedSuper Nintendo5
63Chaos WorldNintendo Entertainment System2
64Chester FieldNintendo Entertainment System1
65Children of ManaNintendo DS2
66Chrono CrossSony Playstation5
67Chrono TriggerSuper Nintendo5
68Chuck RockSega Genesis / MegaDrive3
69Chuck Rock II: Son of ChuckSega Genesis / MegaDrive4
70ClaDun x2Windows2
71CocoronNintendo Entertainment System4
72Comix ZoneSega Genesis / MegaDrive3
73CommandoNintendo Entertainment System2
74Compati Hero: Great Battle IVSuper Nintendo5
75Conquest of the Crystal PalaceNintendo Entertainment System2
76Cool SpotSega Master System2
77Cool SpotSuper Nintendo3
78Cool SpotSega Genesis / MegaDrive3
79Copy KittyWindows5
80Coryoon: Child of DragonTurboGrafx-16 / PC Engine5
81Cosmic Star HeroineWindows5
82Crash BandicootSony Playstation3
83Cthulhu Saves ChristmasWindows5
84Cthulhu Saves The WorldWindows3
86Cubemen 2Windows2
87Daimeiro: Meikyuu no TatsujinNintendo Entertainment System3
88Darius TwinSuper Nintendo4
89Dark Law: Meaning of DeathSuper Nintendo3
91Dead CellsWindows4
92Dead IslandWindows4
93Deae TonosamaSuper Nintendo5
96Deep DungeonFamicom Disk System2
97Deep Dungeon IIFamicom Disk System2
98Deep Dungeon IIINintendo Entertainment System1
99Deep Dungeon IVNintendo Entertainment System4
100Depths of PerilWindows1
101Destiny 2Windows4
102Diablo IIWindows5
103Diablo IIIWindows5
104Dicing KnightBandai WonderSwan5
105Dino CitySuper Nintendo3
106Disney's AladdinSega Genesis / MegaDrive3
107Doki! Doki! Yūenchi: Crazy Land DaisakusenNintendo Entertainment System3
108Dora the Explorer - Super Star Adventures!Nintendo GameBoy Advance1
109Dr. MarioNintendo Entertainment System3
110Dracula: The UndeadAtari Lynx3
111Dragon CrystalSega Game Gear2
112Dragon EggTurboGrafx-16 / PC Engine5
113Dragon Marked for DeathWindows5
114Dream Maze: Kigurumi AdventureSuper Nintendo3
115DriverSony Playstation2
116DucktalesNintendo Entertainment System4
117Ducktales 2Nintendo Entertainment System4
118Dungeon DefendersWindows5
119Dungeon ExplorerTurboGrafx-16 / PC Engine4
120Dungeon ExplorerSega CD2
121Dungeon Explorer IITurboGrafx-16 / PC Engine5
122Dungeon Siege IIIWindows3
123Dynasty Warriors 8Windows4
124Emerald DragonSuper Nintendo3
125Etrian OdysseyNintendo DS5
126Etrian Odyssey IINintendo DS5
127Etrian Odyssey IIINintendo DS5
128Etrian Odyssey IVNintendo 3DS5
129ExodusNintendo Entertainment System1
130Fantasy LifeNintendo 3DS3
131Fighting ForceSony Playstation2
132Final FantasyNintendo Entertainment System4
133Final Fantasy IINintendo Entertainment System3
134Final Fantasy IIINintendo Entertainment System2
135Final Fantasy IVSuper Nintendo5
136Final Fantasy IV: InterludePlaystation Portable2
137Final Fantasy IV: The After YearsPlaystation Portable1
138Final Fantasy LegendNintendo GameBoy3
139Final Fantasy Mystic QuestSuper Nintendo5
140Final Fantasy VSuper Nintendo5
141Final Fantasy VISuper Nintendo4
142Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac AgeWindows3
143Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of LightNintendo DS2
144Gatling GearsWindows4
145Gauntlet LegendsNintendo 643
146Gauntlet: Dark LegacySony Playstation 24
147Gemcraft: Chasing ShadowsWindows4
148Gemcraft: Frostborn WrathWindows3
149Geneforge 1Windows4
150Getsu Fuuma DenNintendo Entertainment System4
151Ghostbusters IINintendo Entertainment System2
152God Eater 2: Rage BurstWindows4
153God Eater ResurrectionWindows5
154God Medicine: Fantasy Sekai no TanjoiNintendo GameBoy3
155Golden Axe WarriorSega Master System4
156Golvellius: Valley of DoomSega Master System4
157Gordo 106: The Mutated Lab MonkeyAtari Lynx3
158Gran TourismoSony Playstation5
159Gran Tourismo 2Sony Playstation5
160Great GreedNintendo GameBoy3
161Greed: Black BorderWindows2
162Grim DawnWindows5
163Guardian LegendNintendo Entertainment System5
164Guido's Lost in PlantinusMSX1
165Guild Wars: Eye of the NorthWindows5
166Guild Wars: FactionsWindows5
167Guild Wars: NightfallWindows5
168Guild Wars: PropheciesWindows5
169Guilty Gear Xrd SignWindows4
170Gun-NacNintendo Entertainment System3
171Gun.SmokeNintendo Entertainment System2
172Gunstar HeroesSega Genesis / MegaDrive4
173HachiemonNintendo GameBoy Advance5
174Half LifeWindows3
175Half Life 2Windows3
176Half Life 2: Episode OneWindows2
177Half Life 2: Episode TwoWindows2
178Half Life: Opposing ForceWindows2
180Hard HeadArcade1
181Hard Head 2Arcade2
182Harvest MoonSuper Nintendo4
183Heisei Tensai BakabonNintendo Entertainment System3
184Hell FighterNintendo Entertainment System2
185Hellgate LondonWindows2
186Hero SiegeWindows2
187Heroes of HammerwatchWindows4
189HinotoriNintendo Entertainment System4
191Home Alone 2Super Nintendo3
192Hotline MiamiWindows3
193HydlideNintendo Entertainment System1
195Ikari III: The RescueNintendo Entertainment System3
196In the HuntSony Playstation1
197Intelligent QubeSony Playstation4
199Jumpin KidNintendo Entertainment System3
200Jurassic ParkSega Genesis / MegaDrive3
201Kaiketsu Yanchamaru 2: Karakuri LandNintendo Entertainment System5
202Kalin no TsurugiFamicom Disk System1
203KarnovNintendo Entertainment System1
204Kart FighterNintendo Entertainment System1
205Kawauso Hawaii e IkuNintendo Entertainment System5
206Kero Kero Keroppi 2Nintendo Entertainment System4
207Kirby's AdventureNintendo Entertainment System5
208Kirby's Dream CourseSuper Nintendo3
209Knight QuestNintendo GameBoy3
210KolibriSega 32X4
212LandstalkerSega Genesis / MegaDrive4
213Left 4 DeadWindows3
214Left 4 Dead 2Windows3
215Legacy of the WizardNintendo Entertainment System3
216Legend of Dark WitchWindows2
217Legend of KageNintendo Entertainment System1
218Legend of ZeldaNintendo Entertainment System4
219Legend of Zelda: A Link to the PastSuper Nintendo4
220Legendary WingsNintendo Entertainment System3
221Lennus 2Super Nintendo5
222Letter Quest: Grimm's JourneyWindows3
223Life ForceNintendo Entertainment System2
224Little SamsonNintendo Entertainment System5
225Live A LiveSuper Nintendo5
226Lu Ye Xian ZongNintendo Entertainment System3
227Lufia: The Legend ReturnsNintendo GameBoy4
228Mahou Tenshi SaGaBandai WonderSwan4
229Medal of HonorSony Playstation2
230MedievilSony Playstation4
231Metal Gear SolidSony Playstation2
232Metal StormNintendo Entertainment System2
233MetroidNintendo Entertainment System3
234Metroid FusionNintendo GameBoy Advance4
235Metroid II: Return of SamusNintendo GameBoy2
236Metroid Zero MissionNintendo GameBoy Advance4
237Might & Magic Book 1: Secret of the Inner SanctumMS-DOS3
238Might & Magic Book 2: Gates to Another WorldMS-DOS4
239Might & Magic III: Isles of TerraMS-DOS4
240Might & Magic: Worlds of XeenMS-DOS4
241Monster Rancher Hop-A-BoutSony Playstation3
242Mute Crimson+Windows4
243Nangoku Shounen Papuwa-kunSuper Nintendo4
244NBA JamSega Genesis / MegaDrive2
245Neugier: Umi to Kaze no KodōSuper Nintendo5
246New Zealand StoryNintendo Entertainment System4
247Ninja GaidenNintendo Entertainment System4
248ObocchamakunTurboGrafx-16 / PC Engine2
249OkamiSony Playstation 25
250One Finger Death PunchWindows4
251One Way HeroicsWindows3
252Packy & MarlonSuper Nintendo1
253Paladin's QuestSuper Nintendo3
254Path of ExileWindows5
255Phantasy StarSega Master System4
256Phantasy Star 0Nintendo DS4
257Phantasy Star IISega Genesis / MegaDrive2
258Phantasy Star IIISega Genesis / MegaDrive2
259Phantasy Star IVSega Genesis / MegaDrive5
260Phantasy Star OnlineWindows2
261Phantasy Star PortablePlaystation Portable4
262Phantasy Star Portable 2Playstation Portable5
263Phantasy Star UniverseSony Playstation 23
264Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the IlluminusSony Playstation 23
265Pickle WarsMS-DOS3
266Pocky & Rocky 2Super Nintendo4
267Pokemon BlackNintendo DS5
268Pokemon Black 2Nintendo DS5
269Pokemon CrystalNintendo GameBoy4
270Pokemon EmeraldNintendo GameBoy Advance5
271Pokemon PlatinumNintendo DS5
272Pokemon RedNintendo GameBoy4
273Poko Nyan! - Henpokorin AdventureSuper Nintendo4
274Populous II: Trials of the Olympian GodsMS-DOS4
276Prime World: DefendersWindows2
277Puzzle Quest 2Windows4
278Qix AdventureNintendo GameBoy2
280Quake IIWindows4
281R-Type FinalSony Playstation 24
282RampageNintendo Entertainment System3
283Rampage World TourSony Playstation4
284RAW: Realms of Ancient WarWindows3
287River City RansomNintendo Entertainment System4
288RobowarriorNintendo Entertainment System3
289Rockin' KatsNintendo Entertainment System3
290Rocman XNintendo Entertainment System1
291Rogue LegacyWindows5
292Rolan's Curse IINintendo GameBoy5
293Sacred 2Windows4
294SaGa 2: Hihou DensetsuNintendo DS4
295SaGa 3: Jikuu no HashaNintendo DS4
296San Francisco RushNintendo 644
297Sanctuary RPGWindows2
298Savant: AscentWindows3
299Secret of ManaSuper Nintendo4
300Seiken Densetsu 3Super Nintendo3
301Serious Sam HD: The First EncounterWindows4
302Shadow Warrior 2Windows4
303ShadowgateNintendo Entertainment System5
304Shining in the DarknessSega Genesis / MegaDrive5
305Shining SoulNintendo GameBoy Advance2
306Shining Soul IINintendo GameBoy Advance5
307Shining the Holy ArkSega Saturn5
308SimEarthSuper Nintendo2
309Sky SharkNintendo Entertainment System3
310Smash TVNintendo Entertainment System4
311SolsticeNintendo Entertainment System4
312Sonic 3D BlastSega Genesis / MegaDrive2
313Sonic SpinballSega Genesis / MegaDrive2
314Sonic the HedgehogSega Genesis / MegaDrive5
315Sonic the Hedgehog 2Sega Genesis / MegaDrive5
316Soul BladeSony Playstation1
317Soul BlazerSuper Nintendo3
318Space HunterNintendo Entertainment System2
320Spider: The Video GameSony Playstation4
321Spy vs SpyNintendo Entertainment System1
322Star FoxSuper Nintendo4
323StarTropicsNintendo Entertainment System4
324Streets of Rage 2Sega Genesis / MegaDrive3
325StriderNintendo Entertainment System2
326Stuart Little - The Journey HomeNintendo GameBoy3
327Submarine AttackSega Master System3
328Super Adventure Island IISuper Nintendo4
329Super Batter UpSuper Nintendo4
330Super Black OnyxNintendo Entertainment System2
331Super Boy 2Sega Master System1
332Super Boy 3Sega Master System1
333Super Boy 4Sega Master System1
334Super CNintendo Entertainment System3
335Super Mario BrosNintendo Entertainment System4
336Super Mario Bros 2Nintendo Entertainment System3
337Super Mario Bros 3Nintendo Entertainment System5
338Super Mario KartSuper Nintendo5
339Super Mario LandNintendo GameBoy3
340Super Mario WorldSuper Nintendo5
341Super Mario World II: Yoshi's IslandSuper Nintendo4
342Super Meat BoyWindows5
343Super MetroidSuper Nintendo5
344Super Street Fighter II TurboSega Genesis / MegaDrive4
345Super Street Fighter IVWindows4
346SupermanNintendo GameBoy1
347Sword of HopeNintendo GameBoy2
348Sword of VermilionSega Genesis / MegaDrive2
349Swords and SerpentsNintendo Entertainment System4
350Tail GatorNintendo GameBoy3
351Tecmo BowlNintendo Entertainment System2
352Tempo Jr.Sega Game Gear5
353Tensai BakabonNintendo GameBoy2
355TetrisNintendo Entertainment System4
356The Black OnyxNEC PC-882
357The Dark SpireNintendo DS5
358The Enchanted Cave 2Windows4
359The FlintstonesSega Master System1
360The Incredible Adventures of Van Hellsing: Final CutWindows4
361The Wonderful End of the WorldWindows2
362Time ZoneNintendo Entertainment System3
363TinheadSega Genesis / MegaDrive4
364Titan Quest: Immortal ThroneWindows5
365TokiNintendo Entertainment System2
367Torchlight IIWindows5
368Toto World 3Sega Master System2
369Tower of RadiaNintendo Entertainment System4
370TrojanNintendo Entertainment System2
371Twisted MetalSony Playstation5
372Twisted Metal IISony Playstation5
374Unreal TournamentWindows4
375Unreal Tournament 2004Windows5
376Unreal Tournament 3Windows4
377Vice: Project DoomNintendo Entertainment System5
378Vigilante 8Sony Playstation4
380Wanderlust AdventuresWindows2
381Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War: Dark CrusadeWindows3
382Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - MartyrWindows3
383Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman!Nintendo GameBoy3
384Wayne's WorldSuper Nintendo2
385WCW NitroSony Playstation2
386WillowNintendo Entertainment System3
388Wiz'N'LizSega Genesis / MegaDrive4
389Wizards & WarriorsNintendo Entertainment System3
390Wonder BoySega Master System3
391WormsSuper Nintendo2
393You Must Build A BoatWindows4
394Ys: The Oath in FelghanaWindows5
395Zelda II: The Adventure of LinkNintendo Entertainment System4
396Zoda's Revenge: StarTropics IINintendo Entertainment System5