Note: This is on hiatus for now. May pick it back up if more people show interest.

tl;dr version

I'm running a DotA 2 Captain's Mode in-house. I'm aiming to do this on Saturdays but I'll also do it whenever there's enough people interested. If you want to play or spectate, let me know, or join #dota2 on Squick IRC. There you'll get a Practice Game password and can join for player picking. If you get picked to be a Captain, you can decline, or you can read the rest of this page to learn the picking rules.


I'm dragging some people (mostly furs) together to play some low-tier DotA 2 in an in-house 5v5 setting. For now I'm just seeing who is interested but we may turn this into a regularly scheduled pick-up game if enough people are interested and have stable enough schedules.

The format will be similar to in-houses "Real DotA players" play. This means we'll have situations where people are made captains and things may seem unfair (unfair picks, unfair bans, unfair team comps, etc). If someone isn't having fun, I'd rather them politely bring it up before it causes trouble. We'll have systems in place to try to stop the big drama bombs before they go off, anyway. The goal is to get better at DotA by playing like good players do, and without the drama and butthurt that may result.


The in-houses will be played as 5v5 Practice Games in Captains Mode, unless specific arrangements are made ahead of time. Captains will be randomly selected with an option for majority-rules veto of a chosen captain. Players may also decline to be captain. Captains will then draft players in standard schoolyard fashion. We'll continue to play games until enough people drop that we can't continue playing. If we have more than ten players, players will be asked to spectate in order of who has played the most games.


Captains will be picked on IRC. This will be a random selection and the chosen captains may choose to decline the position. Declining is encouraged if a chosen player is uncomfortable with the role, but the intent is to give everyone some experience picking. Once captains are chosen, a Practice Game will be made in DotA 2. The first picked captain will be Radiant side, the second will be Dire. Once captains are selected, they take turns drafting players, starting with Radiant side.

Captains may be vetoed before picking begins by a majority vote. In these cases, you don't veto a single captain, you veto the pairing whole cloth. If a majority vote is made, both captains are re-selected. This exists because some pairings may simply be unfair. For example: an experienced player paired against a first-timer. Votes are made in public, to ensure this option is reserved as a last resort for a terrible pairing.

Once captains are done drafting players, game settings are confirmed and the game started. The game will have the loosest time limits possible set that are not infinite, to allow for new captains to get used to the interface and picking. Handing hero picking duties off to another player is allowed, but discouraged. Everyone should get a turn picking. Whoever is picking should take the captain's slot.

Spectating and Comentating

Anyone with the room password (shared on IRC before hand) may spectate. A group member who is interested in commentating may also do so by taking one of the broadcaster slots. Streaming or recording the game is allowed if the would-be broadcaster announces their intention to do so in lobby chat before play begins and no objections are noted.


Play itself will have few rules. All-chat is allowed, "Cheesy" strategies such as ledge tossing and fountain hooking are allowed. There will be no set limit on pauses. It is expected that, if a dispute arises, the players will work it out among themselves. In the event that a player disconnects, an attempt should be made to contact them before continuing the game. Don't unpause on the team missing a player if that player is coming back.

If a captain feels a player on their team is throwing, trolling, or not being a team player, it's their responsibility to not pick them next time. During the game is not the time to voice these concerns. If a player makes a habit of this, we'll ask that player not to join in anymore.

Getting Involved

Meet-ups will occur on Saturday evenings (California time) on, channel #dota2. Idling here is encouraged as someone may call for an in-house even off-schedule.

As for noting your interest, just let Trysdyn know and they'll try to herd the cats needed to schedule a time to do this. 8)