tl;dr version

A ReflexFPS server is (sometimes) running on this host, hidden from the public server list for now (because right now any server with players will attract EVERYONE). It's open for anyone I know/like to use, but it may not be up at all times (I'm making an effort to keep it up and current). If it's down, just let Trysdyn know.

To use it, fire up Reflex, hit ~ to open the console, and type "connect". If it doesn't work, the server is probably down for the moment. Just ask to turn it on.

Things To Know

The game is in early access but VERY playable. Some things are missing though, such as the ability to connect to a non-public server from the UI. You need to open the console (~ on your keyboard; usually the key above TAB) and type "connect [ADDRESS]". For this server that's "connect".

Changing the map, kicking people, changing the mode, etc is best done with voting. You do this by opening the console and typing one of....

If you don't specify an argument, the server will tell you what your options are. So "callvote map" will give you a list of maps you can vote for! You vote yes/no with F1 and F2.

If something happens and you get hung up, you can disconnect from the server by sending "disconnect" to the console. This has only happened once so far.

Finally, the best way to let Trys know about something with the server is via IRC or Jabber, but if you wanna leave a note where they'll see it, just speak it into the game chat. It'll be logged in the server console.


The server uses all the stock maps, with the following additions. It may be a good idea to grab these and put them in the maps directory on your install (base/internal/maps). Optionally you may want to also rebuild the lightmap if necessary by loading the map up and sending "r_lm_rebuild" in the console.


The server is Windows-only and running on Apocrypha thanks to a dirty hack. It's crashed once or twice, but if it's down, just let Trys know. Additionally, some maps aren't good for small games and some aren't good for big ones. Just callvote a map change if the map is too big/small. TDM doesn't work well right now since it's not high priority for balance from the devs; you may not want to callvote to change to it, though 2v2 is okay. Some maps (QWDM3) are ports from old maps from Quake and aren't balanced at all for Reflex. I have them in for nostalgia sake. Sorry!