Retro Bravery

A random challenge roller for retro RPGs and similar games. If you're bored of old NES/SNES era adventure and role-playing games, give this a poke!


An IRC bot designed to provide context within conversations by automatically expanding URLs and other data points, and store data on users such as their character species (within furry chats).

Speed Running Tool Kit (SRTK)

A series of tools for speedrunners and speedrunning streamers, to provide quick access to run information for the runner as well as within their stream overlay. Includes a notes viewer, input visualizer, and simplified timer.

Twitch Controller

A wxPython application to ease dispatching of Livestreamer for viewing Twitch streams. Automatically lists favorite streamers who are currently online and allows for one-click starting of their stream from the list.

Pastebin Channel

A simple SDL script for retrieving the newest pastes from Pastebin and displaying them in a smooth scrolling window, for use with a projector screen or lobby monitor (not that anyone sane would ever do that).