Truth of it is most of my projects get good enough for personal use, then I don't polish them up for release. It's a nasty horrible habit I'm trying to work on. For now, there's these.

Retro Bravery

A silly little project that started as a Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta challenge roller. This expanded to a bunch of silly challenge and randomization runs that I and my friends came up with or found sitting around on forums and chat rooms. A couple of strangers even submitted challenge ideas!

Eventually most of these challenge rollers would be obsoleted by the age of randomizers and easy (or at least easier) to implement romhacks. I keep it around for the Four Job Fiesta roller and a few other toys and sometimes even add a new challenge if I want to play a challenge mode in a game with some friends.

On the backend this is just a Python Flask WSGI app hanging off my webserver. A creaky hacky affair but an old reliable.

Jank Science Theater

A former weekly(-ish) Twitch stream that focuses on showcasing strange, janky, and bad video games by throwing four players who have never seen them before at them and discussing their reactions. A pretty chaotic hot-seat free-for-all commentary experience.

I mostly provide backend work: their overlay design, some automation code, sometimes game selection. I also host and play from time to time.


A recurring year-long video game tournament where racers are exposed to a game that's considered bad, janky, broken, or unappreciated that they have not seen before and must make the most progress in it in one hour without outside help.

I'm an administrator, show runner, and recurring game master: choosing games, refereeing matches, and providing co-commentary with the show's main host. I typically provide more "endearingly strange" games than outright bad and try to spin the commentary about those games in a more positive direction.

Big Bad Game-a-thon

A yearly speedrun and superplay marathon showcasing strange, quirky, janky, and maligned games to give them a chance on the big stage when other marathons may not accept them. BBG typically runs in the 2nd or 3rd weekend of Septemeber each year.

I'm one of three event founders and provide technical expertise in the streaming setup and automation as well as typically run the show as a producer during the US overnights. I've also had at least one run or showcase in every BBG to date.


A simplistic no-frills pngtuber app written in Python. I use it for my stream stuff and it's very "Built for me" in design and support, but it's a project I tinker with to improve once in awhile.


Speo's a simplistic homage to the Ancient Cave side-games of the Lufia series. Developed mostly by a friend in RMXP, it's a dodgy hack from top to bottom and the underlying engine has been tortured to do things it absolutely should not be doing. It runs, it's fun, it has some zany antics and madcap humor within.

My role was largely advisory and QA. Speo 2 is in development, with me taking the helm on coding. It's a slow process being cobbled together in Python Arcade, in my copious non-existent free time. It'll be done when it's done, sadly.

In the mean time, you can play Speo 1 all you want.

Miscellaneous Bizhawk Lua Scripting

A collective of little tools and widgets in lua, intended for use in Bizhawk (but some of them run in other emulators too). I have a penchant for developing autosplitters and similar tools. Some of this stuff might be a good starting point for learning how to use lua in Bizhawk yourself.