Perdix is not designed to be directly interfaced with (most of the time). Its purpose is to sit on an IRC channel and, when certain vague patterns are detected, fill in additional information. In this case "vague patterns" include shortened and obfuscated URLs, mentions of Twitter and YouTube content, and the like. Perdix will automatically detect content it can clarify and respond appropriately with information.

History and Information

Perdix was originally developed to replace a similar IRC services bot on the NoodleNinja IRC Network (now known as Squick IRC). The current bot at the time, Daedalus, performed all the functions that eventually became Perdix v1.0, but had limitations that made it unworkable going forward. Perdix was developed as a replacement in Twisted Python and was installed December 2011.

The name Perdix comes from Greek mythology, in which the great architect Daedalus has a nephew and assistant named Perdix who eventually outshone his teacher. The name seemed fitting at the time, however when Perdix was altered to also run on the #hackerfurs channel of the Anthrochat IRC network, the context was lost. The name was kept because of the ironic content involved in having a bot with the name "dix" present in a furry chat.

User-Accessible Commands

!rssForces a check of all configured RSS feeds immediately and will report results in the given channel/PM as well as default configured destinations.
Reports the last tweet sent by a specified user (!twitter Trysdyn) or reports the user and content of a tweet specified numerically (!twitter #12345).
!whatisReports the selected species and description of the named person. For example "!whatis Trysdyn".
Allows a user to set their preferred species/form to be returned by !whatis. Tempform will supersede Baseform. Outfit will be displayed on another line to allow clothing changes distinct from form changes
Adds, removes, or pulls definitions in Perdix's internal definition cache, for explaining things that are frequently asked about.


Shortened URL De-obfuscation

Perdix will detect URLs belonging to a list of known domains containing URL shortening services. Upon such detection, Perdix will resolve the URL and present the final destination of all redirects: title and final URL. This allows chatters to decide whether or not they are interested in the link, even if the link is presented without context.

YouTube Video Resolution

Much like Shortened URL De-obfuscation, Perdix will detect YouTube links and query the YouTube API for additional information. Perdix will then return the video title to the channel. This allows chatters to determine if the video is worth watching and makes RickRolls pointless.

FurAffinity Submission Resolution
Weasyl Submission Resolution

Perdix will catch FurAffinity and Weasyl submission links and report the title and submitter of the submission, whether or not the submission was flagged as adult content by the submitter, and the direct link to view the submission on facdn.net.

RSS Monitoring and Updating

Perdix can monitor RSS feeds and present updates to configured IRC channels or users. The bot will track previously reported GUIDs and will not report them in the future. Each update will present the item's title, as well as the contents of the item's link tag.

Twitter Link Resolution

In addition to the !twitter command, Perdix will automatically detect URLs to specific tweets, and return the content of said tweet. Perdix will resolve any URL from twitter following the /status(es)?/\d+ pattern, retrieve the appropriate tweet, and display it for channel consumption.