Stream Rules

I don't believe any of these guidelines are particularly overbearing, but do keep in mind even if you disagree with them, this is my space and I have the right to moderate it as I see fit. I refer you to xkcd #1357 for further commentary on this.

The section headers below are the important bits. The text under each heading is simply elaboration or clarficiation on the specifics and whys of my position on these rules.

Respect everyone in the stream space

This is rule zero for a reason, and if any rules are in conflict this one wins out. Treat everyone on stream and in chat with respect at all times. Even if you disagree with them, even if you think they're being harmful.

Respect isn't agreeing with someone at all times, or not calling them out if they're doing something harmful. Respect is presuming they are showing good faith and are aware enough to have a discussion and to correct themselves if politely shown they are wrong about something; at least until they prove otherwise.

If we reach a point where someone is acting undeserving of respect, it's past time for myself or a mod to step in.

Don't glorify or promote ideologies based on hate or misinformation

This is going to, ultimately, come down to politics. As a simple guideline: alt-right, fascist, and nationalist ideologies will not be tolerated. Neither will any form of bigotry such as racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, etc. Science denialism regarding vaccines, climate change, etc falls under this too.

The validity of these views should be presumed to be an answered question in my spaces. Promoting them by glorifying them, what-about-ism, or "being fair to both sides" is not required or desired.

Don't be a creep

If a person doesn't want the attention you're giving them, stop. In the case of on-stream material and characters, don't say anything you wouldn't say if they were a living person and standing in earshot.

Simply put: don't sexualize any person or character on screen and don't be a creep to anyone in chat. I play a lot of different games and sometimes I end up playing something that portrays a character in a sexy outfit or situation; we don't need to hear about your fantasies involving them. Stating something is "hot" is probably fine though.

This all goes double if the target of your creeping is underage. Being especially gross about underage characters/persons nets an immediate ban.

Be particularly careful when offering gameplay guidance

In general I'm fine with being informed I'm about to permanently miss a major, impactful thing in a game: a new character, a hidden mechanic, etc; feel free to speak up, especially if it's obscure or unintuitive to find such things.

What I don't want is constantly being told how to optimize, better builds, better strategies, or how to win directly.

I stream these things to have people to talk to, not glean advice and guidance. Some viewers may be curious to see how someone else approaches the game on their own. Having someone sit in chat and constantly provide guidance takes the feeling of discovery and improvement away from the streamer and turns the stream into how they would play the game instead of how the streamer would.

I'll make mistakes, miss things, and lose as part of learning how things work. This is fine. If I need help I'll ask.

Political discourse should be relevant and productive

Most of my community leans quite far left, and a lot of us are tired. The stream provides some respite from the constant whirlwind of political discourse out there. That said, sometimes it comes up.

In most cases following my lead on discussing such things will never set you wrong. If I bring it up, sure, have at. If you want to bring up a political topic, it better be relevant to what's going on on-stream, to games, to RPGs, to my particular brand of nerdery. You'll need to read the room if you can, or be willing to be guided back to a appropriate flow if that's difficult for you.

I reserve the right to halt discussion on a topic if I feel it's too stressful for the chill stream environment.

You don't have to be classy but don't be needlessly crass

The stream doesn't really have a rating. I drop the occasional F-bomb but I try not to, so as to try to retain the comfortable laid back aesthetic. That's the general area you should try to land in too.

If every third word out of you is vulgar, I might ask you to tone it down. Edgy jokes aren't really a fit in this space in any manner, either.

If you don't fit the vibe, fix it

This is a catch-all. There's a certain mood and feel and comfort I want in my community spaces and if you follow these rules you should fit in just fine. However if somehow you're bringing something that causes trouble or ruins the vibe of the group, you will be asked to fix that.

I'm not unreasonable; I enjoy hanging out and discussing with many different types of people. Ultimately however I have a responsibility to the comfort and safety of those who hang out in my spaces and this rule exists to safeguard that.